Team Engage
Team Engage is a game application built primarily for employees who work at various workplaces from different locations. People gather to play games and collect rewards points. You may earn points by playing games on the app with your employees as a team or individually, and these points can then be redeemed for gift cards.
what we did
We were all trapped inside our houses and conducting the bare minimum of employee engagement while under lockdown at the time. In regular office days, we often go out for dinners or even catch up over coffee since after working long hours we all need something to relieve our stress, but during lockdown, all of this has come to a complete stop. All these considerations led us to develop our application, Team Engage, which is specifically designed for all employees working in different sectors of industries. In this application, employees gather to play a variety of games available on an individual and team basis and later earn points on every game they play.
technology we use